Sunday, January 19, 2014

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2013, it has been amazing and super eventful. Although, probably the year with the highest highs and the lowest lows in my life... At the end of each year I usually write a list of fun, crazy, sad, cool, memorable things and events that have happened during the year. It is a fun way to recap the past 365 days and it makes you realize how much you actually do in a year!
Here is my list of things for 2013, in chronological order (or at least the ones that are appropriate enough to post here Facebook smileys Blinkning)
  • I went to Turkey
  • ... And experienced their coldest winter in 15 years. I slept with three layers of clothes, two down bed covers, a blanket, gloves, and a scarf - and was still freezing!
  • I trained really hard
  • Visited my sister and one of my best friends in London
  • I went to Spain for three weeks
  • ... And did my first 8c+, went on spontaneous adventures with Sasha DiGiulian and had lots of fun
  • Competed in the Tierra Boulder Battle @ Klättercentret, Stockholm
  • ... Climbed with a sparkling dress, built a super crimpy boulder (route) problem and placed second in the competition!
  • I won the Swedish Bouldering Championship Facebook smileys Jätteglad
  • Celebrated my 21st birthday - American style
  • I went to Zillertal
  • ... Rain, 7 degrees (in June..!) but still had a good time
  • Got sick and missed the European Lead Championship in Chamonix and the two first Worldcups
  • Went to an amazing rooftop concert with Matt Corby 
  • Applied to univeristy
  • Got accepted to university Facebook smileys Jätteglad
  • Went to Colombia for three (!) days to compete at the World Games and placed 6th!
  • ... Injured my finger the day before the competition in Colombia... 
  • Moved to my own apartment downtown 
  • Started university at the Stockholm School of Economics
  • Injured my finger again...
  • ... And decided to take one month off climbing to let my finger heal
  • ... Which turned into two months of practically no training at all due to illness a fracture in a toe and an inflammation in a knee...
  • Went to a Macklemore concert
  • Studied for my first set of exams
  • Booked a ticket to NYC the night before my first exam ever
  • Passed my exams Facebook smileys Jätteglad
  • Went to the freshmen's banquet with crutches...
  • Went to NYC to visit Sasha
  • ... trained at Chelsea Peirs, ate amazing food, went shopping and clubbing downtown!
  • Started working with my amazing physotherapist/trainer Malin Larsson again
  • Trained hard
  • Studied for my second set of exams
  • Celebrated Christmas with my family
  • Went to southern Spain
  • ...Climbed and celebrated new years
I am so grateful for everything that I have experienced and all the amazing people I have gotten to know during the past 12 months. Now I am looking forward to 2014 and new adventures! ♡ Facebook smileys Jätteglad 

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  1. Can you comment on what your training routine is like?