Thursday, January 31, 2013

Training mode!

I had a really enjoyable trip to Turkey and being back on the rock again felt great! It was fun and very relaxed, just climbing routes that looked nice and appealing. In addition, I always find it exciting and interesting visiting a new country, encountering a different culture and climbing new fun routes. All I could have wished for was a little better (warmer) weather as it was actually the coldest winter in Geyikbayiri in 8 years..! Since I would not be there for too long and I was just back to climbing after my break over the holidays, I decided to just try as many routes as possible onsight or flash. I did some routes in the 8a+ to 7c range that were all very nice! 

I went back home to Stockholm with new gained motivation and ready to start training! After my return I have been doing a lot of basic training, in terms of strength and endurance, in order to gain more fitness and be able to endure more training further on. At the moment the focus i on core training, finger strength and endurance. During this period I am supposed to get very tired physically. However, I believe that listening to your body to maintain high quality in training is significant.  

Last year I really learnt the importance - and the difficulties - of finding balance in training and everything else in life. Bearing that in mind, I think that in order to optimize the training, it is more about training smart and listening to your body rather than following a program to the letter. And of course always remember to have fun...  

Also, I recently did an interview for EpicTV which you can read here =)

Monday, January 7, 2013

❄ Christmas break ❄

... Is over and it is time to get ready for 2013! I took some time off from climbing during Christmas to let my body (and head) recover. Despite being rather restless some days it was definitely good to charge the batteries and gain some new motivation. But, I have not been completely idle during my little break. Winter in Sweden this year has been cold and we have had a huge amount of snow. Eventhough I am not a big fan of cold weather, I enjoyed being outside, going X-country skiing and just having fun in the snow!

A part from all the winter activities, I also attended the opening of a new exhibition at the Swedish National museum of sports. Climbing is actually fairly big part of the exhibition, with a big boulder wall and really nice photos. Pretty cool! Climbing as a sport has grown a lot in Sweden recently and it has been getting more and more attention and exposure in media, which I really believe is great.

It feels eally nice to be back climbing again. Now I am heading to Geyikbayiri in Turkey for one week of climbing outside! Wohoo =)