Sunday, November 3, 2013

When life gives you lemons...

Sometimes things simply do not go your way. Writing this I have practically not been able to train for almost two months..! It all started at the World Games in Colombia in August. The day before the competition I injured my right middle finger. I decided that the best option was to pursue with caution so I competed, actually without experiencing any pain at all. Thinking it was not a serious injury I continued training as normal when I got back home. It worked out fine until one session in late September. Pain, swollen and all blue. Diagnose: most likely a (partly) ruptured upper pulley. After consulting doctors and people with knowledge in the field, I decided to take one month off climbing to let my finger heal.

Injuries suck! But since I started university at the end of August this gave me time to adapt to the student life and getting used to studying again. One month passed and I felt more eager than ever to climb. But no, I managed to catch tonsillitis and had to take antibiotics for ten days. After recovering from the illness I missed climbing more than I ever thought I could and was ready to finally start training again. But no, I got a fracture in one of my toes and then an inflammation in my knee... Seriously? Cherry on top, add studying for exams too.

Studying and rehab training

Well, experiencing setbacks and not being able to do one of the things you love the most in life certainly put things in perspective. All this was a reminder that that in the end the best you can do is to accept the situation and make the best you can out of it - and try to stay positive! This week I was back on the wall again. Although feeling very out of shape, I can definitely say that I have never appreciated climbing this much. I am really motivated to train and get back in the game! However, as for the rest of this season, I will not be able to do any of the remaining World Cups but hopefully going to Spain to climb outside during in December or January!

Spain  Photo: Jonas Wiklund

As I mentioned earlier all this has given me time to focus on school. It was really a transition to start studying again, but I really like it is so much fun! It is very stimulating and inspiring to face all these new challenges and have gotten know the most amazing people.

Thanks to all my friends, family and trainers who have all been very supportive the past couple of weeks 

On friday I am going on a quick (and rather spontaneous) visit to NYC to train and hang out with one of my best friends Sasha Digiulian wihooo =)

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