Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bouldering in Boulder

Havig a great time in the US so far! After Atlanta me and my Dutch friend Nikki headed west and flew to Denver, Colorado. There we met up with two friends of hers and drove to Rifle for a couple of days of climbing outside. The climbing in Rifle was plenty of fun - but the style, maybe not my cup of tea... The routes were very blocky and sequency, with beta that often involved knee bars. Since I injured my knee in July, those were not an option for me. I did a bunch of easier, classic routes that were super cool and it was really enjoyable climbing on rock again and being outside in the beautiful nature.

Next stop, the climbing Mekka of the US, Boulder! This is for sure one of my favorite cities that I have visited so far. Mostly for its beautiful scenery, cute houses and buildings, the big focus on health and sustainability, friendly people and the huge amount of climbing in the area. The training facilities are very good too, especially for bouldering (likewise to the outdoor climbing). So, time to get back to bouldering for me!

606, V10, in Eldorado Canyon

Before this trip I had not bouldered outside for over two years, but it was so much fun doing it again! I went to several different areas and climbed many nice problems, including 606 and Kelly traverse (flash), both graded V10 and both very crimpy..! While climbing outside I have also gotten to experience parts of the wildlife here, seeing some rare and dangerous animals. So far I have seen a rattlesnake and a bear, very cool - and scary! Besides that I have been training indoors at the Spot and Movement. Life is pretty good... =)


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