Saturday, October 6, 2012

Atlanta - First stop and Worldcup

My US trip has started! The first stop was Atlanta and the Worldcup at the amazing Stone Summit climbing gym. After flying from Stockholm on Thursday I arrived safely at the airport in Atlanta. Unfortunately, so did not my luggage... Stress! On the morning of the competition I finally got my bag. Considering the stress caused by luggage incident and still being jet lagged, the qualifiation round went alright and I qualified for the semifinal in 10th place.

My climbing felt good while warming up prior to the semifinal. However, it ended quite abruptly as I slipped off a foot hold early in the route. Very frustrating indeed..! In competitions there is no room for messing up, one small mistake, a tiny slip with the foot, and it is over - but you learn from your mistakes and I am already looking forward to the next competition. All in all I still had a lot of fun in Atlanta, and that is what is important. Together with my Dutch friend, Nikki van Bergen, I am now heading to Colorado! =)

As the saying goes, When in Rome, do as the Romans do, since I will be in the US for the next three weeks I figured it would be a good opportunity to start writing in English...

Bye bye Atlanta, next stop Colorado!

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  1. And what excellent English you have. I'm proud. Have a nice one and keep the posts coming.