Tuesday, April 2, 2013

España in pictures

I am back home after three amazing weeks in Spain. It was a great trip, climbing super cool routes, having fun with my friends, being outside in the nature - just doing some of the things I love the most life! In addition, I am very pleased that I managed to climb my hardest route to date, Pati Noso 8c/+ in Siurana. Wohoo! 

While I was in Spain I did a little interview for the Catalan website Sense Pell, check it out here if you want to read it.

Here is a collage of pictures from my trip, I hope you enjoy it... =)

Day 1, climbing in Margalef. Back on the rock, climbing fun routes, warm and sunny weather... In other words, a perfect first day of climbing! © Jonas Wiklund

Siurana, definitely one of my favorite crags. Very happy to finish my project from last year, Pati Noso 8c/+, in 4 tries this time! Such a cool route! © Jonas Wiklund

Battle scars... Auch!
Cafe cortado, standard breakfast. 
Rest day activity = bread baking

Tranquilo, tranquilo!
Reunited ♥ I met up with Sasha in Oliana for one week of climbing and having fun... © Simon Carter
Juuust hanging... On Fish Eye 8c. Magnificent 50 meter route with beautiful climbing! Happy to send it third go! © Simon Carter
Summer feeling! Having breakfast by the lake in Sant Llorenç de Montgai before climbing, great start of the day.
Scenic view from Steve and Angie's apartment in La Figuerola, thanks for everything guys!  
Oliana, last day of climbing this trip... ¡Hasta luego España! =)

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