Saturday, November 24, 2012

No Kranj WC this year either...

I had really been looking forward to the last World Cup in Kranj, Slovenia. The wall in Kranj is definitely one of my favorites and it was also the final World Cup of the year. In addition, the flu prevented me from going last year so therefore I was even more eager going there this time. After my return from the US I had been able to train pretty well and I was feeling fine. Until one week before departure... November illness struck and I got a bad cold and a fever. Despite my massive amount of vitamin C boosts it lasted all week and I had to stay at home this year again.

So instead of competing in Kranj, I was at home trying to get rid of the stupid illness and occupying myself with baking - a lot. Cookies, cupcakes, muffins and saffron buns..! In retrospect, I can definitely say that not going was the right decision. Nevertheless it is still very frustrating, especially since I felt all better again on Tuesday. But, there is always next year - third time's the charm, right? 

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